My personal perspective on gender and mental health care

Recently, I received an invitation to speak about gender-perspective and mental health care. Due to some very painful personal experiences, this is a hard topic for me. I decided to write down why the issue of gender is so painful for me, mainly to get the nasty feelings off my chest. Eventually, I have decided to publish my personal view in a personal testimony: “Gender interrupted by forced psychiatry”.

I am a victim, and moreover, a survivor of forced body cavity searches in mental health care. These forced body cavity searches were deeply traumatizing and heavily impacted my personal perception of my own gender. The consequences of these horrible experiences are still present in my life. 

By sharing my personal testimony, I aim to bring attention to the deep impact forced body cavity searches in mental health care has on its victims and survivors. I aim to break the taboo, to support other survivors, and in particular, to stress that these practices need to be prohibited immediately.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite others to share their stories about gender perspective and mental health as well. 

Click the link below to read my personal testimony: “Gender interrupted by forced psychiatry” (PDF)


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